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#3 Customer Stories - Petit Bateau braves the seas with SimpliField

How to quickly and easily survey and communicate on-field?

Caroline Moutet   |     May 31, 2017

#2 Customer Stories - How Sony I.E. has revitalized its trade displays

How to monitor the implementation of a product’s strategic launch across a retailer network?

Caroline Moutet   |     May 23, 2017

Franchise Expo Paris 2017

For Michel Bourel, President of the French Franchise Federation: "Of the 31% of French who want to start a business, almost half consider a franchise." That's why every year; Franchise Expo Paris accelerates network development in France and internationally by allowing thousands of entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams of starting a business. For the 36th edition, the show has become global with m[...]

Caroline Moutet   |     Apr 13, 2017

How Food & Beverage Sector Improve Service with Technology

If you work in the food and beverage sector, you’ll benefit from learning more about how you can improve your services by embracing recent tech innovations. Digital solutions allow you to individualize the service that you provide to customers. This tech also helps make meeting modern customers' evolving demands more economic on your budget. The leading brands making the most of investments into d[...]

Caroline Moutet   |     Apr 05, 2017

#1 Customer Stories - Asics bulks up its operational execution

How can information shared between HQ and field teams boost sales efficiency ?

Caroline Moutet   |     Apr 03, 2017

5 Steps to Save Time and Money During the Retail Audit

Every company has recurring activities that are particularly time consuming. From the annual budget process, to tax day, to launching a new seasonal line, these activities require “all hands on deck”.

Elisa Hurand   |     Mar 22, 2017

Why Data is a Goldmine for Retailers

  Data is a goldmine for retailers because it can help offset the downward pressure created on margins as a resultant of having more informed and price-conscious consumers. According to a 2011 study performed by McKinsey Global Institute, utilizing big data has the potential to increase the operating margins of retailers by up to 60 percent. The adoption of big data is expected to increase product[...]

Caroline Moutet   |     Feb 22, 2017

5 Retail Tech Trends to Follow

In order to sustain profitability, today's retailers need to be able to keep up with the flurry of tech innovations trending within the industry at any given time. Disruptive technology like Facebook and smartphones have literally changed the way people do business around the world. However, there are plenty of innovative tools released by leading tech firms that never gain traction in the retail [...]

Johann Risser   |     Feb 15, 2017

How to Personalize the Customer Experience In-store

Retailers can benefit greatly by learning more about how to personalize customers' in-store experience.  Approximately 90 percent of the interactions between retailers and shoppers occur in-store, but behind call centers, shopping in-store is rated as the worst experience by consumers. With the high volume of email campaigns and marketing ads inundating consumers today, it’s all the more crucial f[...]

Caroline Moutet   |     Feb 08, 2017

9 Ways Millennials Are Reinventing Retail

According to a recent industry-focused report, the retail sector is poised to undergo more changes in the next five years than its experienced in the past five decades. Most of this change is driven by the Millennial generation's $600 billion in purchasing power and their increasing influence in the retail industry.  Today's retailers sustain profitability by understanding more about some of the f[...]

Caroline Moutet   |     Feb 02, 2017

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