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For retailers, its a constent Challenge to catch attention of potential customers. Promotions, partnerships, workshops, everything is done to improve the customer experience and to give them the desire to come in store. And with the changing tendencies and a world that evolves very quickly, it is difficult to innovate regularly.

Here are 3 brands that have proposed new projects focused on optimizing the customer experience:

H&M TAKE CARE : Between customer experience and eco responsibility

In June 2018, after months of renovations, H & M opened the largest store in France, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The media was focused on its surface: 5000m2 and 6 floors but this new store has another interesting concept related to their commercial value.

H&M take care: on thee top floor of the store, customers can bring damaged clothing for repair or personalizing. All the necessary equivalence is available free in this space so that customers are free to create themselves. On the website, we can find tutorials and tips to take care of our clothes or to give them a second life.

After the conscious collection, the brand tend to accompany their customers on a eco responsibility lifestyle but also propose a collective workshop space that allows a moment of sharing for customers.

IKEA “PLANNING STUDIO”: More projection for customers

A few days ago (october,10) IKEA opened its first planning studio in central London. On the Tottenham Court Road, we can find 400m2 of space reserved for the presentation of furniture, mainly for the kitchen and for the bedroom.  Here, no possibility to leave with are produced, it will be necessary to order from the site.

The goal is to allow customers to project themselves more real than in stores. There are tablets to quickly find all the information of a product, such as available color references or product dimensions.The brand also uses 3D technology to enable customers to realize the design they have in mind. Sellers and experts are available for private meetings to help the client realize his project and to visualize as much as possible the final rendering, in order to best meet the expectations.

MONCLER : New concept store focus on customer experience

Moncler has just inaugurated two new concept store that redefine the traditional store, in New York and Tokyo. The CEO of the brand Remo Ruffino affirms that “The world has changed so much [..] The consumer wants to see new things every day, thy expect new ways and new languages for interacting with a brand”, that the reason why he wanted to propose something unusual.

Stores represent the combination of a classic store with products for sale, and an exhibition like an art gallery. On one side, you can find classic reinvented jackets, limited edition objects, and other products from partnerships with creators; And on the other side, the presentation of the 8 collections of Moncler Genius shown as installations cultivating a coherence between the global project, the typical brand identity and innovating creations.  Between retail and exhibition, Moncler wants to transform his brand image and embody a label in coherence with its times and tendencies.

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