One of the most successful ways to improve sales is to spend time focused on the buying experience.As Steve Jobs once said, “You’ve got to start with the buying experience and work back to the revenue – not the other way around”.

Considering the phenomenal success of Apple during Jobs’ tenure with the company, his advice is certainly worth heeding.

But what exactly is the buying experience? And how does the customer buying experience influence sales?

The Customer Buying Experience

According to Topo, the customer buying experiences is:“How your target buyers perceive the experience of buying a product or service in your market”.

In other words, when a potential customer or client considers making a purchase in your industry, the buying experience is the way they expect the process to work.

Based on previous experiences with the industry, customers have expectations as to what they will receive, and how they will receive it. This includes everything from the quality of the product, whether or not the price is negotiated, the customer support service, and a plethora of other behaviors.

How a Great Customer Buying Experience Improve Sales?

When a customer begins interacting with a new business within the industry, they will evaluate this new provider based on their previous experiences. If your business meets their expectations, they will likely continue working with you. Meanwhile, if your business is unable to deliver in the manner they’ve become familiar with, the client will seek out a more competent provider.

However, some businesses aren’t comfortable providing an average buying experience. Instead, they wish to provide their customers with an exceptional buying experience. These businesses redefine the customer experience in their industry and not only keep customers, but turn their customers into advocates for their brand – who share their enthusiasm about the company with others.

Apple has been known to redefine industry standards over and over again – from the first computer with a desktop and mouse, to the highest caliber smartphone on the market. They discover what the customer wants (both in product and shopping experience) and deliver it.


By going out of their way to provide an exceptional customer buying experience, sales are inevitably improved. There are several factors that play into this, including:

  • The majority of the customers become repeat customers.
  • Customers become advocates, providing additional marketing value.
  • Employees maintain pride in their work – knowing that customers enjoy their product.
  • The company sets the standard for excellence, rather than trying to play catchup with others.
  • The company develops into a memorable brand.


In short, by maximizing the customer buying experience, a business is able to step out from the crowd and become an industry leader – even without necessarily having the most technologically advanced product.

To create a top-rated customer buying experience, be sure to focus on:

  • The quality and consistency of your product.
  • The level of customer service and professionalism your employees provide.
  • Creating procedures on how to handle mistakes caused by your employees, external partners, or customers.
  • The presentation of your product – both online and in storefronts.
  • The needs and desires of your customers.


The buying experience plays a key role in your business’s ability to reach it’s full potential. By taking time to establish and maintain a high-quality customer buying experience, not only will your bottom line improve, but so will your ability to make a positive impact on society. If you’re looking for a way to improve the in-store customer buying experience, consider using Simplifield as a way to monitor and track the quality of your brand’s presentation across both owned and partner owned retail outlets.

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