Retailers can benefit greatly by learning more about how to personalize customers’ in-store experience. Approximately 90 percent of the interactions between retailers and shoppers occur in-store, but behind call centers, shopping in-store is rated as the worst experience by consumers. With the high volume of email campaigns and marketing ads inundating consumers today, it’s all the more crucial for retailers to provide an experience that actual resonates with shoppers in-store.


Defining Personalization In-store

Nearly 65 percent of all retailers define personalization as providing a consistent experience for consumers across every channel. Over 60 percent believe that personalized service centers around the interactions between associates and consumers. Less than 40 percent say the personalized experience is about operating through digital applications or making more personalized offers from better data. While at least half of all retailers are confident in the personalized experience they offer, only a quarter of the consumers are actually satisfied with the end results. Having a clear agenda that matches the expectations of the target audience is critical for personalizing the experience for most shoppers.

Investing in Mobile Tech for better Customer Journey

Over 50 percent of the shoppers say seeing sales associates using mobile devices increases confidence that they’ll provide knowledgeable assistance and prompt service. However, nearly 45 percent of retailers never even provide their sales associates with smartphones or tablets to use on the sales floor. Incorporating more mobile devices and beacons in-store is a very effective strategy for improving the experience for shoppers. As of 2016, 60 percent of the retailers had sales associates using point of sale devices to assist customers on the sales floor. Over 40 percent of retail associates are now using tablets when helping shoppers, and over 25 percent are using smartphones. However, 15 percent of the retailers in 2016 still didn’t have their associates using any mobile devices to assist shoppers. For example, SimpliField mobile solution allows to get more visits done, have maximum impact and increase sales.

Empowering Store Associates

Over 80 percent of the retailers are training employees in an effort to make their service more personalized for customers, and nearly 75 percent are planning to do so within the next 18 months. Nearly half of the retail associates do not feel knowledgeable enough about the services and products they are offering. More than 50 percent of the associates surveyed in the Global Consumer Industry report admitted to lying to customers because they were lacking in product knowledge. Approximately 15 percent of all retail associates will go as far as using their own smartphone to assist shoppers. It’s also worth noting that over half the all shoppers feel they’re getting more personalized service when when the associate uses a mobile device on the sales floor.

Connecting with Consumers Across Channels

Investing in self-service kiosks and automation applications can make shopping seamless and help associates provide prompter service to consumers coming in the door. Nearly 60 percent of consumers say they’d be willing use their own mobile device to schedule an appointment with a retail associate at a time that was most convenient for them. Approximately 60 percent of the retailers believe adding a text notification for the status of an appointment would also be appealing. Nearly 30 percent of the retailers say that supplying associates with mobile devices to collaborate and manage lobby flow would be advantageous as well.

Over 90 percent of all retailers place a high priority on creating a personalized experience, but many are disillusioned about how effective their approach is. Approximately 45 percent recognize that the highest priority for improving customers’ experience is in-store. Successful retailers focus on clearly defining what a personalized experienced means for their target audience and using innovative tech to help sales staff improve how well they connect with each shopper.

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