If you’re heading to NRF, you must know that retail is in deep revolution. At SimpliField, we want to help retailers and brands achieve 3 big challenges for 2018:

1. Reinvent your In-Store Experience

Brick-and-mortar stores have turned what was once a liability into a strength, leveraging their physical presence to draw in customers with unique in-store experiences and specially tailored services, thrusting their brand stories to the forefront. A big part of that transformation involves making the customer feel something when they walk through the door that they can’t experience shopping online. Surprising and delighting their customers’ senses has become a key weapon in brick-and-mortar’s arsenal, and the most successful brands are focusing on creating unique experiences for every customer who enters the store. Whether shopping online or off, every customer journey contains dozens of little touch points. These moments each represent an opportunity to make an impression on your customer, and in successfully capitalizing on those touch-points, you can humanize the experience, drawing people in and making a lasting emotional impression.


From product stock to merchandising and sales promotions, you want to make sure every “touch point” is perfectly implemented. To do so, we offer a solution that allows you to get unprecedented visibility on the whole network activity: On your personalized dashboard, you define your KPIs and let the data come to you. Instantly updated when a new report is received, you get global view into your field execution in real time. Well informed of any alert and operational success, you can make quick, informed decisions and continuously improve customer experience and thus performance.

2. Connect with your Brand Ambassadors

Your field teams are your brand ambassadors. They are salesmen, merchandisers, store managers or animators. They do their best everyday to perfectly execute what they’ve been ask by their managers and grow the business. Dealing with product stock, visual merchandising, campaign launch and, above all, with customers, they’ve got no time to waste.  


On SimpliField’s application, your field team receives missions and objectives everyday, along with guidelines and pictures to help them execute perfectly. Personalized report templates let your team collect all the data you need quickly, in one visit. Then, instantly share key information.Personalized for each user, it has a one click access to stores’ overview, gathering key information, stats, latest reports and gallery so they can be totally prepared for each visit. Communication is streamlined, and responses delay are shorten for a better responsiveness.  

3. Wisely use your data

The more personalized retailers make their approach to connecting with customers, the more touch-points and channels they’ll have to utilize as resources for valuable data on the target audience. By data collection and integrating data from different feeds like smartphones, tablets and other personal devices, retailers’ position themselves to offer the seamless, omni-channel experience consumers prefer. Successful retailers understand how to leverage the purchasing data collected in-store into improving online sales and engagement. What about you?


Both on SimpliField mobile and web app, you access to the right data at the right time. On your campaign’s summary, data is graphically displayed so you instantly know what’s going on. Each graphic is clickable for a deepen analysis. With the filters, you can choose to select only few stores or specific team. On your gallery, each photo is automatically associated to a store, a campaign and user. Want to share those results ? Click on export.

Partnering with Salesforce – The All in One Solution. 

When downloading SimpliField into salesforce AppExchange, all data from the field is automatically integrated into your salesforce users & accounts dashboard. Salesforce dashboards are fed with qualitative data such as pictures, comments, and notes, in real time. You get both Salesforce 360° dashboard at the office and the easy-to-use SimpliField mobile application – working offline – on the field and instantly communicate with stores.

Ready to embrace the Retail Technology ?

SimpliField mobile application empowers your teams, to create seamless customer experience and improve performance, in real time.

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