Over the last several weeks, the team at SimpliField had been working closely with many of our clients to prepare them to reopen stores and put employees back to work as smoothly and safely as possible. 

We have created a lot of resources in the process and thought it could benefit others facing the same challenges. That’s why, as part of our new #RetailReset content series, we are sharing our Regional Retail Re-opening Tracker publicly.

We know it’s hard to coordinate the re-opening of hundreds of stores across different countries or regions, and that’s why we came up with a simple database that consolidates all the information around the date of re-openings, and the specifics of it for retailers. 

Within the tracker we also link to news articles that have details about the ever-changing list of re-opening rules and restrictions, giving you a way to view the situation at a glance.

You can keep track of the latest official announcements by country (and by American states) by clicking here:

Don’t hesitate to email us at marketing@simplifield.com if you have comments and suggestions or to share information on shifting regulations.

The Retail Re-Opening Tracker is updated everyday with the latest updates available on the regions we are tracking.

For more of our thoughts on the Retail Reset, check out 4 Key Priorities we have identified with our customers to be ready to get stores safely reopened.

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