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We are in full post holiday sales all around the world. Retailers everywhere have doubled down on their efforts to prepare this season: promotions, merchandising, marketing strategy, window displays, etc. HQ and field teams have spent weeks working together planning the perfect organization to propose to customers the best in-store experience for the 4 next weeks of rush. But sometimes, retailers have to face mistakes and unforeseen situations, here is a list of problem you can have to deal with and our advices to fix and/or avoid them.

Promotional Compliance

Retailers struggle to monitor promotional compliance efficiently. Today, a lot of information that is communicated from HQ to fields is done so in a an inefficient manner giving rise to a 5% decrease in sales and 6% in additional operating costs. The information and content are disorganized and this makes it difficult for stores to execute their promotional materials efficiently.

Furthermore, there is little tracking of how well the promotions have been executed. Their implementation is unknown, which is no surprise in an industry where only 60% of visual merchandising standards are executed. Due to a poor communication of HQ planned promotions, only 65% of those that are executed are done so correctly. This is very costly for a company at the end of the day.

It’s also not easy for stores to report important information that HQ needs to know in order to take action in urgent cases.

How To Improve

With a retail excellence tool like SimpliField, HQ can manage every mission that field teams need to complete. It allows you to have real-time information about stores, results, HQ expectations, marketing promotions, and much more. Thanks to this type of feature, HQ and field teams can communicate efficiently all the while ensuring that operational standards are well executed.

Missing POS and Marketing Collaterals

We often run into cases where some of the marketing collaterals are missing or simply not the right ones. It’s difficult to achieve a perfect retail execution when materials are missing. The problem? Most of the time HQ is ill informed of their absence or noncompliance.

For example, due to an inefficient communication, HQ can send marketing materials that are the wrong size, the result? The impossibility to use them and the need to order others that will fit. And often, due to more important tasks, these kind of problems are underestimated, but it represents an additional annual cost of 6%, including product shipping, over printing of materials, and the costs of shipping materials that cannot be used in some stores.

How To Improve

Providing HQ with real-time feedback via a retail excellence solution like SimpliField allows for an immediate communication with the right person to handle any problem that requires urgent action. Through the mission forms, you are able to precisely inform which materials are missing and quickly ask HQ to provide a solution.

Poorly Executed Window Displays

Today, too many window displays are not correctly executed as HQ planned it, often due to a wrong communication, employees are not well informed about the window displays decisions or simply they don’t know how to do it. Employees can make last-minute decisions on which products to showcase to create a beautiful window but it’s often not an efficient solution.

A real strategy is thought of in advance for window displays, products are meticulously selected, depending on their prices and their quantity. It’s frequently products that are available in a high volume or basics of clothing, the goal being to sell the entire stock at a really good price in order to boost sales by quantity.

Focusing on window displays could be seen as focusing on a minute detail, but when you understand the time and thinking that is behind it, you realize that it could have a real impact on the sales forecast. Hence to why it is really important to execute window displays as it was planned by HQ to respect goal attainment.

How To Improve

With SimpliField, HQ can ensure that their planograms have been respected by simply creating a mission that requires stores to provide feedback on their window displays. Stores can take pictures directly within the mobile app and report back to HQ accordingly. Sharing pictures via this process is more efficient. They do not get lost and HQ is able to verify, down to the details, window display executions.

Execution Excellence at Your Fingertips

Poor promotional compliance, missing POS and marketing materials, and poorly executed window displays are a thing of the past thanks to SimpliField. With an easy-to-use retail excellence app, stores can meet HQ’s expectations and be in compliance. A perfect retail execution is possible with SimpliField, You can ensure that your promotional and marketing activities are efficiently executed every time.

How To Improve

With SimpliField, stores can:

  • Easily view required tasks
  • report missing POS materials from their mobile devices.

and HQ can:

  • Improve communication between HQ and the field teams
  • Monitor compliance in real time.
  • Have an instant global view of stores information

The key to a successful process is to solve such problems that most retailers don’t estimate they are important enough to take the time for. Retail excellence is around the corner. Schedule a demo with one of our specialists today.

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