Many retailers rely heavily on visual merchandise for drawing in potential customers. Merchandising is more valued than ever as demands and competition continuously increase in the retail sector.

Effective merchandising captivates the shopper’s attention and entices them to make a purchase. Several of the creative merchandising concepts recently used by leading retailers can be replicated and scaled up or down to fit a business of any size. Listed below are seven examples of innovative merchandising that can help take your retail business to the next level.

1. Sneakerboy Tunnel by March Studio

In 2014, March Studio helped turn a Melbourne Sneakerboy location into an underground passageway donned in the high-fashion labels and the leading sports sneakers. The studio created a circular entryway, dimmed the lights, added concrete floors and stocked shoes from the floor to the ceiling. The shelves featured LED tickers that provided scrolling information about each shoe.  Sneakerboy also released an app that allowed customers to scan the shoe for info or make the purchase directly from their own device.

2. Doctor Manzana Masters Merchandising

Doctor Manzana stands out because the merchandising is what actually makes this brand memorable and stand out from the typical retail shop. The Candy Land-like pastel of colors is a stark contrast from the clean, impersonal tone adopted by leading retailers like Best-Buy and Apple. The signage and shelving are angled 54 degrees, supported by witty captions and bright colors throughout the retail location.

3. Beverly Hills Barneys Upgraded

In 2015, a sweeping, modern renovation reinvented an upscale Beverly Hills retail space used for Barneys’ flagship store. The Neo-Baroque staircase dead-center, surrounding golden fixtures, marble floors and white ceilings associate the products on display with luxury. The wide walkways and immaculate glass cases help ensure that each item on display stands out and is free of any distracting clutter.

4. Camper Shoes Dabbling in Designers

In 2015, Spanish shoe company Camper collaborated with a number of famous design studios from the around the world to design several locations. As a part of the Camper Together initiative, Camper hired Nendo, a Japanese studio, to provide a minimalist design involving sneakers displayed on a number of white, paper-like pedestals of altering heights. In Melbourne, another designer displayed an astounding 30,000 bright, red shoelaces hanging from the ceiling.

5. S’ana Pharmacy in Madrid

S’ana Pharmacy uses merchandising to put an unexpected and refreshing spin on visiting the local drug store. The interior is all white, aside from the huge heart-shaped wall fixtures holding the merchandise and shelving. Designing an organic environment that trumps consumers expectations leads to an increase in return visits and quality referrals.

6. A Pop-Up Shop in Copenhagen

During 2015, the Pieces pop-up shop designed by Riis Retail was the sight to see on the busiest shopping street in Copenhagen. Jewelry, footwear, makeup, bags and lingerie from the Danish brand were used in a rustic, simplistic display inspired by the industrial boxes lining a part of the store. The chic display constructed of plywood cabinets, other raw materials and pastel hues is further elevated by romantic lighting and champagne.

7. Harrod’s Trendy Fendi Display

During 2015, Harrod’s mimicked vending machines inspired by arcade games in kiosks used as displays for the Fendi shop. The spectacle of the vending-like retail kiosks with luxury handbags displayed behind the window captivated shoppers’ attention, while stimulating their imagination with the aesthetics, trendiness and implications associated with the conceptual art.

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