Online shopping is here to stay, and brick-and-mortar retailers have had to capitalize on their advantages to keep up. Physical space, and the ability to offer personalized, unique experiences for customers is a major differentiator for stores, and many brands are upping the ante to draw in customers who otherwise might be content shopping from their smartphone. The following are 7 innovative concept stores putting a new spin on the shopping experience and giving shoppers a reason to visit again and again.

Browns, London

Martin Patrick 3, Minneapolis

County ltd, Los Angeles

Browns is a trendy East London-based boutique pioneering the concept of a “nomadic” shop, which often appear in unexpected locations and disappear just as fast. Part art gallery, part store and part cafe, Browns is located in a former print factory, and retains a simple, raw interior aesthetic, while at the same time featuring colorful artwork and sculptures. It carries high-end luxury goods and serves up coffee and other treats from Fatties Bakery.
Martin Patrick 3 (MP3 for short) is an innovative men’s lifestyle retailer located in Minneapolis’ trendy shopping district the North Loop. It features pricey and trendy men’s accessories of all kinds, from clothing to furnishings to barware, all from a distinctly masculine perspective. The store started out as a design studio, and it’s maintained a visually appealing aesthetic and layout that reflects its roots.
Another blend of home goods and menswear, LA’s County Ltd. carries a wide assortment of the interesting and the bizarre, with great care and attention given to its orderly-yet-chaotic displays. Carrying everything from clothing to framed art to tea and coffee mugs, County Ltd. has something unique lurking around every corner.

Casa Perfect, Los Angeles

Magasin, Los Angeles

Marché Noir, Paris

Varnish + Vine, Kansas City, Missouri

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Casa Perfect is located on a quiet residential street, and by all appearances, is an actual home. There are trashcans out front, cars in the driveway, but nearly everything in the unique interior design store is available for purchase. Every room, from the bathroom to the bar to the pool out back, is decorated and functional as the spaces would be if they were in actual homes and not part of a 3,000 square-foot retail concept store.
Magasin is a sparsely-decorated LA vintage boutique that focuses on exclusivity, carrying only its own small assortment of proprietary labels, Eral 55, Camoshita, and Yuketen. The store’s goods aren’t available anywhere else, which in the ultra-fashion-conscious world of Los Angeles, is a value proposition unto itself. Its goods include jackets made from nearly one-of-a-kind fabrics and imported high-fashion items from famous Japanese designers exclusively available at Magasin.
Bringing together the best of Paris high fashion and the creative aesthetic and feel of West Africa, Marché Noir takes a best-of-both-worlds approach to its offerings. Its racks feature shabby chic items like old varsity jackets right alongside proprietary branded long flowing painters jackets. The concept centers around the intriguing and interesting and getting customers to try new things.
The Kansas City-based antiques and furniture store Varnish + Vine focuses on customization but also being deliberate with where its items come from, ensuring high quality and uniqueness. It also lets shoppers customize any piece it carries, working with local craftsmen to tear apart and build back together just about anything in its shop its customers want, such as adding a new tabletop, finish, or even table legs of your choosing.

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