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Tech in Retail

Walmart expends VR training to every US store

To train its managers, Walmart will send more than 17 000 Oculus VR headsets to all their US stores.

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Distribution Idea

Wayfair to launch US pop-ups for holiday season

During holidays, the Wayfair online home retailer open 2 pop-up shops in America.

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When E-commerce becomes Retailer

First "real" Amazon store opens in NY

“Amazon 4 Stars”, the real store offering the best rated items by customers online.

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Tech in Food

New Avondale Food and Wine in Montrose melds restaurant & bottle shop

Chef Olivier Ciesieski x Nate Rose : The innovating association between a restaurant and a Wine Shop with an iPad menu in Colorado.

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Bookstore & Restaurant Meeting

Barnes and Noble to open a new concept store focuses on books

In Chicago, you can now read your favorite Book during your meal in the Barnes and Noble new concept store combining a restaurent and a bookstore.

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