Last year I was presenting SimpliField to retail leaders at our first NRF New York Big Retail Show.Seems like our solution has found its way as we begin 2017 with a great new partnership with Salesforce!

More than a quality proof,  this partnership represents a real added value for our clients: Within few clicks in their salesforce environment, they can integrate SimpliField and monitor their Retail Execution easily. Data (like PoS profiles, users, KPIs) is automaticaly syncronized and managers get access to a ready to use and customised dashboards.


The NRF New York Big Retail Show was also an appealing opportunity to discuss new retail challenges.

Data is still a goldmine for retailers and wholesalers, but the main issue is how to harness its potential? Moreover, how data can better serve workforce, who is the number one retailers concern?

Sales teams are brand ambassadors on the field, and their managers are ready to invest more and more in data collection and technologies to help them perfect the customer experience in-store. As matter of fact, 90% of purchase still happen in Brick and Mortar stores.

For Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, data is the new oil to build the “store of the future“. It will give retailers insights on customer interests, and help better managing stores execution and inventory.

By 2017, digital natives will become the largest spending population with $200 billion in annual spend. Thanks to Carrie Ask, this new generation of consumers “don’t have to go to stores”. They’re use to buy online and feel completely confortable about it.

To drive them to store, retailers must offer them an innovative in-store experience, and motive them to come have a look.  No retailer can ignore those potential clients, and physical stores must provide digital services like mobile check-out, or pick up in-store, at least.

We heard it several time again this year, omnichannel strategy is the key focus to succeed in the retail landscape. Conversionnal commerce and dynamic pricing (with AI bots) are totally moving in this direction. Those solutions allow a complete personnalisation of customer journey in stores and add value to both brand image and figures.

More than consumers behavior and product retailers offer, service remains on top of preoccupations. Better service means recruiting and retaining talented sales team. But also train them to represent brand’ culture and make retail more human.

Like SimpliField, 9 French start up were part of “La French Tech”, their innovatives B2B products like connected screen, web-to-store solution, marketplace editor or customers web forum will enhance 2017 omnichannel shopping experience for sure.

Are you ready to experiment new solutions and improve your 2017 performance?