Pandora’s Sensory Branding
Danish jewelry manufacturer Pandora, known chiefly for its collectable charms and charm bracelets, is branching out with its new Pandora Shine collection, featuring 18k gold-plated sterling silver jewelry drawing inspiration from nature, especially honeybees. It’s unveiling this collection in Australia with an attention-grabbing and unique store in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall modeled after a working honeycomb, and it’s hoping the shop will become a veritable beehive of activity.
Creating a Buzz
The 5-meter tall installation, dubbed “The Hive” and designed by experience design agency YourStudio, glimmers like gold, and features an immersive experience for the senses. The store, geometrically designed to resemble a golden honeycomb, incorporates so-called “Humming Hubs” which emit the smell of honey and the sounds of a functioning beehive. The outside is dotted with gold-plated giant leaves, and the entire structure is outfitted with LED panels designed to mimic the movement of bees. It’s as close as you can get to being inside a working beehive, minus the risk of painful stings.

Once inside The Hive, the shopper is fully immersed, experiencing the sounds, sounds and smells of a real-live beehive. Exploring the inside of the structure takes customers on a journey of discovery, where items from the Pandora Shine line are artfully displayed within golden flowers, which they’re encouraged to smell. When a customer leans in for a sniff, the products reveal themselves within like pollen-collecting bees.

Attracting Shoppers Like Bees to a (literal) Hive
YourStudio told RetailFocus UK that the concept is designed to draw in customers with its plethora of sensory delights, much like a real honeycomb attracts bees. The hope is to create an experience that stimulates a customer’s every sense, creating an indelible emotional connection to the brand. Gold flowers inside and around The Hive emit the scents of a meadow as passersby approach, and the shining gold exterior is impossible not to notice.
Not missing a chance for virality, The Hive includes a Pandora Shine-themed gif booth which customers can use to share elements of the experience with their friends on social media with the hashtag #PANDORAshine. 
“We create human experiences that connect people through sharing and making memories together — this is a perfect example of this. PANDORA’s Hive is an immersive, multi-sensory installation showcasing the new PANDORA Shine collection in a really unique way,” Tom Philipson, managing director and co-founder of YourStudio, told RetailFocus UK.
The Hive checks all the boxes in a product launch: uniqueness, virality, and engaging the senses. It’s a fun and exciting way to do a launch and it will be interesting to see if other retailers follow suit with their own unveilings in the future.

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