This year, we discovered many technologies able to completely reinvent Brick-and-Mortar stores and compete against biggest Pure Payers, the main reason being : Technology brings experience into stores! And that’s why customer actually come to physical stores, they want to live memorable experiences and get a seamless sales process from pick up to payment.

Here is 3 innovations we think might shape innovation in retail for 2019 & a great example of digital store with Nike :

How Iot Can Stimulate Retail

Using an internet presence to increase shop visits is a way to combine two paradoxical systems to get the best out of them by benefiting stores

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Examples of Robots in Retail Applications

The question that traditional retailers face is whether or not investing in robots to operate inside their stores can actually help them stay relevant with consumers.

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Retail

Artifical intelligence is a technology that has undergone many improvements that place it as a major asset for retailers

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A good example of Tech in Retail : Nike's huge new flagship

Discover how Nike’s new store apply those guidelines to change shopping process and to attract buyers who prefer e-commerce

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