Health and wellness as a lifestyle is becoming more of a priority for consumers, and brands are taking notice. Gone are the days of aimlessly wandering a mall sipping an Orange Julius and eating a Cinnabon, the modern incarnation includes fitness clubs, doctors offices and a range of healthy food options catering to the new breed of health-conscious shopper.

Shop (and Work Out) at the Mall

Westfield Century City mall in Los Angeles has an Equinox fitness club as an anchor store, with a full gym including fitness classes. It’s set to open a new 60,000 square-foot location at the soon-to-open NYC-Hudson Yards mall, which will include both indoor and outdoor workout spaces, pools, spas and hotel facilities, according to Forbes.
The new desire for healthy lifestyles goes beyond a better diet, it’s part of a complete lifestyle overhaul and holistic wellness journey.
TRAUB’s 2018 Wellness Journey Report recently identified 100+ companies, dubbed the Wellness 100+, which are leading the charge in capitalizing on the push for healthy lifestyles. The Global Wellness Institute’s 2015 report showed these Wellness 100+ companies are actively seeking their share of the $3.7 trillion global wellness industry.





A Targeted Approach to Vitamins and Supplements

Today’s consumer wants a more targeted approach to their nutrition, no longer satisfied with a catch-all multivitamin or supplement solution as offered by previous generations of vitamin stores, many of which have closed their doors forever in recent years. Care/Of is one company offering customized packages of daily supplements, personalized to each customer after an initial lifestyle and health goals screening. Ritual provides essential vitamins specifically targeted to women, and Hims sells natural remedies to home in on common male health problems like baldness and erectile dysfunction.
Another branch of the Wellness 100+ includes companies combining fitness and beauty. Bandier, which sells women’s clothing and other workout necessities, also has dedicated gym space for workout classes in its Flatiron location in New York City, bringing together health-conscious shopping and experience under one roof.
Peloton sells high-end stationary bikes connected to the internet which allow customers to take live-streamed, professionally-led workout classes from home. It also sells an extensive line of complementary accessories and gym clothing to give users the opportunity to align themselves more closely with the “Peloton lifestyle.”
Whether it’s placing massive workout centers in malls, offering tailor-made vitamins and nutrients or combining exercise and shopping into one experience, health and wellness brands are undergoing a renaissance as shoppers shed the couch potato reputation and throw themselves into a healthier lifestyle.

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