You couldn’t come at the Salesforce World Tour Paris? The SimpliField team was there and is pleased to share with you a recap of this day of real inspiration, imagination and innovation.

Inspiration was the main topic of the morning with the great Keynote “We Are All Trailblazers”. The Keynote was presented by Alexandre Dayon, Salesforce Chief Strategy Officer.

Alexandre Dayon shared the incredible Salesforce data : 1,7 billion email send, 4 million handle online orders and these data are multiplied by 10 on Blackfriday! Saleforce economy is huge, in particular in France where 2,2 billion of dollars have been invested.

Parker Harris, Salesforce co-founder and CTO, shared with us the CRM new features. First, Saleforce last purchase : MuleSolf for 6,5 billion dollars. It will allows to connect instantly all your apps, APIs, data and terminals. And the second one, Salesforce Essentials launch which is a CRM for start-ups and SME.

Then, we had the chance to hear François Caudron, Airbus Marketing SVP and Martine Odillard, Gaumont Pathé Cinema CEO. Both shared with us their Salesforce experience and even show us some demos. Airbus showed us how to co-design an A350 airplane taking into account the passenger experience with Salesforce tools.

“For a company like Airbus, the digital impact is about opportunity and risk.” François Caudron, Airbus Marketing SVP.

Then, we saw a great use case with Gaumont Pathé Cinema. They staged their customer journey for the last Jurassic movie. They truly insist on the importance of the user experience before, during and after the movie.

“Everyone, from Executive Committee to operators, is engaged in the Salesforce project success.” Martine Odillard, Gaumont Pathé Cinema CEO.

The World Tour was also the opportunity to understand the changes we are living in terms of retail, experience and technologies. One of the main booth of the World Tour was the Smart Lego city. The city built from Lego staged the future of urban life in the industrial sector, production sector, retail sector and so on. Artificial Intelligence was also a important topic of this day. Many conventions have been organized to advise companies how to include AI in their processes. An entire booth was dedicated to Salesforce artificial intelligence: the Einstein bot.

Concerning retail? Consumer experience in the retail renaissance has been an important topic. Indeed, many brands have invested to deliver an great consumer experience but their efforts haven’t always hit the mark. Speakers reminded how essential it is to offer a unified consumer engagement strategy for a unforgettable experience in-store. Moreover, what companies have to always keep in mind is the importance of data in the consumer experience initiatives. Data and technology will be required to personalize and generate value for consumers.

SimpliField with Salesforce

Maddyness welcomed SimpliField experts on their booth to present the solution and the collaboration with Salesforce. Indeed, SimpliField reinvent the way brands do retail. With a smart mobile application, field teams are empowered  to deliver consistent customer experience across all locations. SimpliField allows field teams to achieve brand goals & concepts in every store. It is a daily assistant with personalized objectives, guidelines and real-time feedback to help them execute perfectly, every time. This intuitive reporting tool gives the HQ teams an unprecedented visibility into their network performance. When downloading SimpliField into salesforce AppExchange, all data from the field is automatically integrated for your salesforce users & accounts dashboard. Salesforce dashboards are fed with qualitative data such as pictures, comments, and notes, all in real time. You get both the Salesforce dashboard at the office and the easy-to-use SimpliField mobile application – which also works offline – in the field and can instantly communicate with your stores.

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