2019 is all about retail excellence and delivering a perfect customer experience. We did a bit of research and found a few top stores to look out for in 2019. From online to offline and historic players reinventing themselves, we’ve brought you a list of top 5 stores that are focused on engaging with customers to deliver an optimal customer experience.

1. Amazon 4 Stars New York

The e-commerce giant has opened up a store in New York’s ever so popular SoHo neighborhood, one of the premier shopping destinations in the country. From most-wished-for, to Amazon exclusives, everybody’s favorite online retailer offers top-rated merchandise that can be found on their site. Since ratings change so will the store products. Amazon will rotate inventory out on a weekly basis to keep up with the top items on their website.

2. Allbirds

Amazon isn’t the only online retailer that has begun opening stores. Allbirds, the shoe brand that has been dubbed Silicon Valley’s favorite sneaker, has opened a New York store in SoHo. The company wants customers to interact with their brand in an authentic off-line experience that embodies their unique comfort and thoughtful design.

Allbirds shoes are made from unique materials such as renewable merino wool, trees, and even sugar cane, while their laces are made from recycled plastic bottles. The sneakers and sturdy materials can be tested in their New York location on a life-size hamster wheel. This is a retail experience we’d recommend.

A few days ago (october,10) IKEA opened its first planning studio in central London. On the Tottenham Court Road, we can find 400m2 of space reserved for the presentation of furniture, mainly for the kitchen and for the bedroom.  Here, no possibility to leave with are produced, it will be necessary to order from the site.

The goal is to allow customers to project themselves more real than in stores. There are tablets to quickly find all the information of a product, such as available color references or product dimensions.The brand also uses 3D technology to enable customers to realize the design they have in mind. Sellers and experts are available for private meetings to help the client realize his project and to visualize as much as possible the final rendering, in order to best meet the expectations.

3. Casper

Another retail experience we’d love to try is from Casper. Finding the right bed for you is no longer just a fairy tale. Everyone can be a modern-day Goldilocks at Casper’s new store, “The Dreamery”, which opened its doors this summer. You can test out their mattress during a 45-minute nap taken in a private pod for only $25. What better way to choose the perfect mattress than to take it for a spin?

Casper shines a whole new light on experiential retail. CMO Jeff Brooks wants to “invoke the spirit of the brand”, aiming to create a calm and restful place. Brooks wants to bring some of that joy and magic back to the bedtime ritual. Casper’s retail experience, just like their beds, is just right.

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4. Nike

For Heidi O’ Neill, Nike Direct President, Nike Store on Fifth avenue is the “flagship of the future”. This 68.000 square foot store has a lot more to offer than the famous sneakers and sport clothing. First, there are no cash registers: customers simply scan products, book a meeting with Nike experts and buy whatever they choose using their mobile application. Far beyond sneakers customization, customers can also scan a QR code from a model and get the total look. For ‘SNKRS limited edition’ aficionados, a specific feature has been developed on the mobile app: when picking up one of the hottest pair of shoes, the digital display tells its story.

To be sure each trend is right on time in place, the store has been created with flexible modules. “This store can be responsive to a New York City sport or culture moment. We can change this space up overnight, which you don’t think of with flagship retail.” said O’Neill. Seeing its rival Lululemon getting big, Nike even launched Yoga collection for men and grow women’s collection. Why wait when you can “Just do it”?

5. Glossier

At 123 Lafayette Street, the same address where the company was founded, the beauty-instagrammers paradise has opened, and it’s here to stay! Emily Weiss, the famous bloggers behind “into the gloss” launched Glossier as an idea four years ago. Its growth has been one of the most successful in cosmetics, raising over $86 million in funding since then. E-commerce, physical retail? There is actually no words to describe Glossier, but its new Flagship is meant to be “the ultimate physical expression of the brand”.

All colorful products are displayed as testers so customers can touch and try everything they see in the store. Here too, cash register are dead! When finding the perfect color and texture, clients just meet a glossier employee and buy it on their iPad. To be in line with the original community, all store employees “are trained to act like an educated and knowledgeable friend” so conversation and storytelling keep happening in the physical shop.

Another dead concept? Waiting lines! Has experiential retailing is about shopping and not necessarily buying, customers can either pay on the iPad and get their product in a second on a bag or finish their purchase at home online.

Delivering A Perfect Customer Experience

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