UX in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Canadian drug store chain Shoppers Drug Mart recently took the wraps off its new 1,300 square-meter concept store in Newmarket, Toronto, which features a bevy of changes and upgrades designed to give customers the most enjoyable and personalized service possible.

Community Connection

Everything the store offers, from cosmetics to food to essentials, has been revamped to be presented in a way that fosters engagement, not just with the customers entering its doors, but with the community as a whole. An entire space in the store has been dedicated to local goings-on and in-store campaign content, and the store itself will play host to a multitude of local events. At the door, shoppers are greeted with a personal welcome message from the store owner, and in-store signage has been updated to reflect the caring attitude the brand is trying to convey, with a mix of humor and good health advice.

The pharmacy section has been redesigned to move away from the austere model of yesteryear and toward a kinder, gentler approach that puts customers at ease while they wait for a prescription or appointment. Softer lighting is utilized, and pharmacy staffers are prominently featured and profiled in the space to build familiarity with customers. The store’s food section has also been redesigned to be more welcoming and inviting, with timber walls and pre-made meals available in a waist-level central refrigeration unit.

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Not Your Typical Drug Store Cosmetics Counter

The cosmetics section has taken a page out of the books of large beauty brands to appeal to younger customers, with testing stations featuring the latest colors, and a “Tool Wall” that shows shoppers how to properly use makeup brushes and products via interactive digital content activated when customers pick up a brush. The look of the cosmetics section itself is a far cry from what one might expect to see at a drug store, and more in line with a cosmetics counter at a high-end mall or department store.

According to Retail Focus, skincare is an area Shoppers Drug Mart is working hard to establish a strong presence in, and to that end, the cosmetics section features a display table dedicated to skincare with specific advice for products and methods to care for various skin types.

The brand has more than than 1,000 stores across Canada, and the new concept location will serve as a central hub of sorts for the brand, and as a living embodiment of the store’s slogan, “Life Life Well.”


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